Please aim to be there for 11 so that we can allocate groups and start at 1130am sharp!

Glasgow Parkour Coaching have organised a workshop day on the above date, to allow us to share our knowledge and bring together Scotland's thriving Parkour community in a more formal atmosphere.
The object of the day for us is to make sure that every participant can take away something new. If every person learns just one thing the day will be a success. We will try our best to include as much as possible, and share all we can from our experience training with Parkour's veterans and originators.
Obviously we can't cater specifically for every traceur, so we have decided on a format which we think will have something to suit everyone.

Basic oversight of the day
Warm-up, cool down and conditioning sessions will be held 'en mass' with all traceurs throughout the day. They will be extremely challenging and we expect that some will cope better than others, but are definitely worth working at with the whole group.
Between conditioning sessions Traceurs will be separated into smaller groups and work round 'stations' to learn a variety of different techniques(within ther level) from different coaches.

Your level
- the 'stations' will be at two levels -
'beginner/intermediate' and 'intermediate/advanced.'
It is up to you to elect into which group you think will suit you better.

The beginner/intermediate stations will be designed for people who have absolutely no Parkour background and up to traceurs who have some grasp of basic techniques. The stations for this group will focus around introducing and refining foot placement, balance drills and spatial awareness. This is beneficial for anyone of any level - if you have a grasp of basic techniques this group will give you an oppurtunity to refine them.

The intermediate/advanced stations will go on the assumption that each participant has good strength, power and a good grasp of foot placement, balance, precision and spatial awareness. It is assumed that most in this group will have at least a couple of years of experience.
This group will work on the application of these techniques at a challenging level. This group will be presented with danger but participants will not be forced to do anything they are not comfortable with and the coaches will do their best to work within the level of each individual in the group.

'Registering' your place
It will be much easier for us to make sure the day is well organised if we can get a good hold on the numbers we are expecting.
If you are likely to be coming along, it would be a great help to us if you could email workshopday(at) with your name, age and which group you would like to work in - 'beginners/intermediate' or 'intermediate/advanced.' Also, if you are at the very early stages of your training let us know, so that we can try and ensure that you work with similair people.
Registering is not compulsory, obviously no-one will be turned away on the day - having names and groups in advance makes it a lot easier for us to organise the day well.

If you have any questions - please refer to this thread in the forums, or email chrisgrant(at)

For directions to rottenrow, try this map put together by Zeno.

Please aim to be there for 11 so that we can allocate groups and start at 1130am sharp!

Chris Grant