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Mick has been practicing Parkour for about 4 years. He began to train more regularly with GPC about 2 years ago and has been a welcome addition to Glasgow Parkour Coaching since October 2008.
He has a martial arts background and has helped with teaching in various disciplines before joining Glasgow Parkour Coaching. This previous coaching experience has allowed him to fit into the team very quickly and he has become a regular coach at the Adult Outdoor classes as well as leading the Youth Academy with Chris.

Hailing from just outside Glasgow in East Dunbartonshire, Mick has also been an important resource to the community in his local area and has been essential in it's development.

His friendly and good-natured attitude makes him very approachable as a coach and his strength sessions and class warm-ups have earned him a reputation as a very hard worker who can really push his students to reach their best and their most tired!





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