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Chris Grant has been practicing Parkour for over 5 years and has been integral in the growth of the community in Glasgow and Scotland particularly by founding in 2004 and Glasgow Parkour Coaching in 2007.
He runs Glasgow Parkour Coaching full time and has been responsible for setting up numerous school and community group classes, a permanent youth academy, outdoor adult classes and the first weekly girl's class in the UK.
He is the only Scottish Board member of ParkourUK - Parkour’s National Governing Body – and holds the ADAPT Qualification for Coaching Parkour/Freerunning.
Chris practices a very high standard of quality control and management of the Glasgow Parkour Coaching team to ensure only the most experienced coaches are responsible for passing on Parkour to new practitioners.
He is seen as an authority on Parkour coaching in Scotland and the wider UK Scene and currently teaches at around 12 – 15 classes per week as well as occasionally teaching in London at ParkourGenerations' classes and events.
He has learned and trained with most of the major and original practitioners of the art and is extremely passionate about bringing his knowledge to the wider community through grassroots teaching.





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