One Year on, Glasgow Parkour hosts the second Scottish Parkour Gathering.
With a few twists on last year's day - the format will be more informal and traceurs will get the opportunity to take a 'grand tour' of most of the main spots of the city.

Format of the Day
After a group warm up session we will split into small groups which will be allocated runners(provided by Glasgow Parkour Coaching and assistants) who will take each group around some of Glasgow's best spots for a jam-style session at each location.
We will finish the day with a mass cool down at Rottenrow in the City Centre, close to all train and bus links.
Groups will be jogging between each spot and some of the runs will be up to 20 minutes. Please be prepared to be able to run for this long. No-one will be left behind, but we expect that everyone can move at a good pace between locations and also be respectful of other people walking around the city and the spots.


Directions to Rottenrow can be found in This Thread.
Coaching and Runners
The focus of the coaches and runners on the day will be to take the groups to each spot and simply share a few ideas - there will not be a strict formal workshop at each spot.
Following from last year the coaches will run a group warm up en and cool down en masse, but the individual sessions will be a more open, relaxed sharing of ideas with the focus around having fun at each spot and learning a few things along the way.
There will be one location which is designed to share conditioning ideas - expect to be pushed very hard there.

We plan to really mix up the groups this year so that many traceurs of many different levels can work together.

'Registering' your place
The day is of course free of charge - it will be much easier for us to make sure it is well organised if we can get a good hold on the numbers we are expecting.
If you are likely to be coming along, it would be a great help to us if you could email springgathering(at) with your name and age.
Registering is not compulsory, obviously no-one will be turned away on the day - having names and groups in advance makes it a lot easier for us to organise the day well.

If you are Under 16please make sure your parents are aware that this is an informal gathering and that you must take responsibility for yourself.
If you have any questions - please refer to this thread in the forums, or email springgathering(at)

Please note: This is an informal gathering - Glasgow Parkour Coaching's coaches are not taking part in a professional capacity and cannot be held responsible for any participant's actions.