Glasgow Parkour Coaching, Scotland’s only Parkour teaching group and an affiliate of Parkour Generations, the world’s premier coaching organisation, will be hosting special workshops over the weekend outside Cafe Mao on Brunswick Street on a purpose built structure.
ADAPT coaches Chris Grant and Chris ‘Blane’ Rowat (a member of Parkour Generations) will be passing on their teachings and enthusiasm at workshops(open to over 14s only) along with the rest of the coaches from Glasgow Parkour Coaching.
Workshop spaces will be limited so book early to avoid disappointment.
To book your free workshop place email: Specifying the workshop you would like to take part in and your age or call 0141 559 4344.

One Giant Leap Jam against Climate Change

Our Saturday Open session will run conjuction with the Global Jam Against Climate Change organised by and Parkour Generations .

To a traceur, the environment is everything, on a local and a global scale.

There will be reps from Sandbag there on the day promoting the issue and with Parkour Communities worldwide hosting their own events on the day we hope that this raises awareness of this serious issue and that the Glasgow Parkour Community can contribute something positive to this cause.

Class Details

Times(both days): Beginners Workshops - 1pm-230pm and 430pm-6pm Open Session - 230pm-430pm
The 'Beginners Sessions' are designed to give new practitioners an introduction to the basic ideas and movements of Parkour and also could be a good refresher for more experienced practicioners.
The session will start with a small warm up followed by structured tutorials and training on the structure.

The 'Open Sessions' Are designed for members of the existing Parkour Community to train on the structure.
The class will be taken through a short warm up followed by an open session on the structure with the coaches on hand to offer an advice and answer questions.