"[Glasgow Parkour] displayed great enthusiasm for developing a wide range of pupils in the art of Parkour. I firmly believe that the group has great potential to influence the wider P.E community and should be identified and deserve recognition as the representatives of Parkour in Scotland"
(Russel Imrie, PE Teacher, Lenzie Academy)

Glasgow Parkour Coaching have been running after school clubs in a number of local authorities for over 2 years. Most programmes last about 6 12 weeks and can be tailored to suit the needs of the group.

Our schools programmes encourage kids to become more involved in Physical education by introducing them to a new and exciting discipline. In a gym environment, elements of Parkour could be seen as the gymnastics for this generation.

The workshops will cater for students of any physical level and encourage them to focus on their own improvement which is a skill that they can carry into other aspects of their school work and their life.
If you would like to discuss booking classes for your school, please contact chrisgrant(at)

Glasgow Parkour Coaching have delivered school workshops in these local authorities:


(structured teaching)